S.N.S. Herning

Starting a clothing brand at the ripe age of twenty-one is no small feat, starting that brand during the early 20th century before the modern age of manufacturing is nearly impossible.  But that is exactly what Soren Nielsen Skyt did when he founded S.N.S. Herning in 1920’s Denmark.  At the company’s inception, Soren Nielsen Skyt had one thing in mind, to create a sweater that would appeal to the weathered Danish fisherman who made their living on the North Sea.

With the needs of a fisherman at the forefront of his mind, it took Nielsen Skyt eleven years to perfect his design.  He found the solution in the unique “bubble” pattern that defines S.N.S. Herning’s Fisherman sweater which is manufactured using a careful Jacquard strapping technique. The bubbles weave together into a pattern that is practically as thick as Kevlar and provides warmth while simultaneously giving the garment a dynamic comfortable texture.

The complexity of the pattern is incredibly difficult to achieve and as a result S.N.S. has always kept production within the town of Herning, and uses the same machines since day one. Even today, the company only employs a handful of craftsmen and keeps production at an incredibly low volume each season.  In doing so S.N.S. keeps the quality of each sweater at the highest possible level, going as far as having each knitter hand sign the individual piece that they produce. It goes without saying that if an S.N.S. is good enough for a Danish fisherman to brave the Nordic seas, it will certainly keep anyone warm regardless of the environment. Plus, thanks to the small batch production, you’re likely to be the only guy in the room enjoying the snug warmth provided by over a century of craftsmanship.

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