Nigel Cabourn

Nigel Cabourn is a stubborn man in the best of ways.  Since entering into design Cabourn has been unfaltering in his dedication to what he knows and loves.  Cabourn launched his first label when he was only in his early twenties, and has been headquartered in the North of England ever since, far removed from the metropolitan epicenters that most brands call home.  In doing so, Cabourn has been able to largely ignore fleeting trends and distracting fads.  Instead, Cabourn’s designs are a direct reflection of what matters to him, and his surroundings.  Heavily influenced by the rainy and cold setting within which he operates, Cabourn is a man that understands outerwear in ways that most designers can only dream of.  His ability to comprehend what constitutes an effective winter-weight jacket is unparalleled.  The pieces he creates are not only practical, they are also downright beautiful.  For over three decades Cabourn has been an avid collector of vintage garments, amassing a collection of over four thousand pieces.  As a testament to his design dexterity, Cabourn has perfected the art of alluding to the past, using his vintage stockpile as inspiration for his current collections, thereby creating garments that utilize modern creativity to improve on what has already worked for centuries.

The Cameraman Jacket – Based upon the jacket that Wilfrid Noyce, the cameraman for Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, was wearing during their 1953 Mt. Everest expedition, this piece is arguably the cornerstone of Cabourn’s current collection.  Brilliant in its design, this jacket fuses two timeless garments to create a piece that is as practical as it is eye catching.  The upper half is constructed in a Mackintosh waxed cotton, while the bottom half is made in heavyweight Harris Tweed that guarantees absolute warmth.  Details such as waxed cotton drawstrings, metal clasps, and four patch pockets are evident of the thought that Cabourn puts into his garments to create functionally beautiful designs.

Short Down Filled Puffa Jacket – Goose down-feathers fill this Norwegian Canvas shell to create an effective, straightforward foundation.  While the body itself is understated, this jacket is elevated by its meticulous, subtle characteristics.  Leather elbow and shoulder patches compliment the navy hue, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the jacket, while a high stance hood complete with coyote trim and a sheepskin lined collar, make for details that will certainly pay off during the dead of winter.

Eddie Bauer Skyliner Jacket – When Eddie Bauer decided to update their renowned Skyliner Jacket for it’s seventy-fifth anniversary they knew that Cabourn, a designer notorious for revamping legendary garments, was perfect for the job.  Cabourn maintained the jacket’s legacy by building around the down insulated framework, while adding his own signatures to bring the piece up to date.  Much like the Puffa Jacket, Cabourn’s Skyliner features leather shoulder patches that help add color and draw attention upward to the Spanish lamb shearling collar.  The hood is lined with Harris Tweed, a unique application of a timeless fabric, exemplifying Cabourn’s ability to take classic elements and utilize them to create remarkable modern garments.
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