Tuxedos: An Outfit for Your Inner Spy

There is no spy image more prolific than that of James Bond sitting at a poker table, cigarette dangling off his lip, drink in front of him, cards in hand, and dressed impeccably in a perfect black tuxedo.  Tuxedos are the natural choice for any secret agent – instantly designating it’s wearer as the best dressed man in the room thus demanding the due respect that a spy deserves. And if you’ve watched any Bond film, you know, the slim fit of a tux ensures maximum mystique and agility, without having excess fabric hinder his actions or style.
While it is highly unlikely that the average man will have to preform perilous, clandestine activities, the tuxedo certainly deserves a place within any man’s wardrobe.  In a modern era where far too many men loosely interpret the term “formal,” the tuxedo is a statement. Showing up to an event, such as the most formal of holiday parties, in a tuxedo makes a man appear like Bond – smart, thoughtful, and confident. While the dramatic look of a tuxedo has fallen out of fashion as of late, thanks largely to the high cost of a well made tux, there are a fair amount of contemporary brands that produce a quality product at an accessible price point.
J. Crew Ludlow Tuxedo Suit – As the most easily attainable option out there, the Ludlow Tux is also one of the most traditional offerings available.  J. Crew constructed a classic two button, dual pocket jacket, with satin lapels, and a double back vent on a wool body.  This understated design is ideal for any man simply looking for a timeless tuxedo that looks great without being too flashy.
Ami Wool Tuxedo Suit – With this suit Ami has redefined what constitutes a tuxedo.  Forgoing the traditional pitch black tone of most tuxedos, Ami opted instead for a deep navy hue that is slightly less intense.  Continuing the more moderate feel of the tuxedo, Ami went with a softer structure instead of the rigid tailoring that normally defines tuxes.  This soft structure gives the garment a more relaxed fit that makes the suit appropriate in a wide variety of situations.  Relaxed doesn’t necessarily mean sloppy here as this suit maintains a slim silhouette that can still certainly appear dressy when it needs to be.
Brooks Brothers 1818 One Button Fitzgerald Tuxedo – This is the tuxedo that Jay Gatsby would have worn.  It is clean and sleek through and through, without any distracting details.  This tuxedo does what every good suit should do, complimenting the wearer, not distracting from them.  One button front, narrow lapels, satin covered buttons.  The features of this tuxedo simply blend in to this jacket, thus creating a garment that draws attention to the wearer not the clothes.  High arm holes and slim fitting trousers bring the garment close around the wearer’s body, giving a streamlined, trim fit.
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  1. K.G. said:

    Contemporary brands produce sub-par, contemporary fashion rather than a classic brand, producing timeless styles as shown in the Bond screenshots above. Save up and get a well-made tux (or thrift a classic tux) that will stand the test of time. J. Crew’s example is merely a (Chinese) suit with a few things tacked on.

    • First off, thanks for the input. I do agree that often times thrifting an older tux and getting it tailored is a great option and is certainly something that people should look into if they need a tuxedo and have the time and patience. While its fair to acknowledge that contemporary tuxedos might not be as refined as tuxes from the past, the post was targeted toward a consumer who might need a tux in a hurry and does not have the luxury of time or money to save up for a higher end option. I’m not saying these three tuxedos are the end all be all when it comes to formalwear I’m simply saying they are three accessible, affordable options that are easy to incorporate into a wardrobe. Thanks for reading.

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