Dispatches From (capusle): Camo

Camo is infamous for their Annual Poker Game, a spectacle in the center of all the action at Pitti Uomo in which four models sit around a poker table, dressed in all Camo and play a few hands of poker.  This   demonstration is not only a really smart way to show off a collection, in a plaza surrounded by photographers, but also embodies the playful spirit that defines the brand.  Camo’s Autumn/Winter 2012 line, titled the Casino Collection thrives off the details.  Designer Stefano Ughetti utilizes elongated collars, contrast piping and other small design tweaks to place the distinct Camo stamp onto classic garments.

For me, the standouts from this diverse collection were the items that pulled strongest from Italian influences.  Belted Cardigans in a variety of patterns brought the classic casual Italian style to the forefront of the collection.  Ughetti was wearing a navy version that showed how the cardigan drapes to just the right length to appear comfortable, without bordering on femininity.

The double breasted sportcoat seems to be a staple in nearly every collection this year, but Camo modified their version to really separate it from the sea of other DB’s.  Constructed in a deep blue hue, Camo’s double breasted appears almost as a workwear interpretation of this timeless garment. The two by two buttoning style and shorter cut add to the distinct appeal of this sportcoat.

Turtlenecks are notorious for being suffocatingly stiff, but Camo’s version is anything but.  The contrast collar and ribbing break up the typical monotony that characterizes most turtlenecks.

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