Unsung Icons of Style: Jacques Tati

Unsung Icon Two: Jacques Tati “Acting As Himself” – Filmmaker Jacques Tati is renowned for producing films that comedically reflected upon life during the ever-changing postwar period in France.  Tati not only directed the films but acted in them as well, always portraying the same unique character, Monsieur Hulot a man that was consistently at odds with the modern, technological world.  Through his films Tati showed the importance of individuality, something that he consistently demonstrated through his personal style.  Tati certainly had a uniform, but his clothes were never boring.  The quintessential Tati outfit included his trademark tilted fedora, a loosely tied bow tie, a tailored overcoat, cropped flannel trousers and prominently patterned dress socks.  Tati’s style suited him well, everything was proportional and fit him perfectly, but the details were what set him apart.  Tati’s ability to effortlessly play with designs, textures, and accessories lent him a unique style that is just as remarkable today as in 1960’s France.

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  1. sma said:

    fully agree with you. guess that tati is maybe still more well known in europe. did you know that there was an animated movie based on his last script called “the illusionist” (http://is.gd/vgHB1T)?

  2. Great article, and just to continue with what the previous commenter was saying, the animated film. “The Illusionist” is fantastic and something I would highly recommend. Tati is one of my favorite filmmakers and one who I’ve always felt is greatly under-appreciated.

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