Linen – An Ancient Fabric for the Warmer Weather

Ami Double Breasted Prince of Wales Check Linen Blazer

The Ancient Egyptians lived and died in linen.  In the intense heat of the Sahara desert, linen was the only material that could provide some relief from the staggering temperatures, leading the ancient Egyptians to wear strictly garments made from white linen.  The Egyptians also used linen for mummification as the fabric provided protection from outside elements, helping to preserve the body.

Beams Plus Linen and Cotton-Blend Herringbone Shirt

It is these same characteristics of linen that made it such an important fabric to the Egyptians that also make it so desirable during warmer months.  Linen is produced through a rigorous process that begins by harvesting raw flax, which then goes through several laborious steps that break the flax down to it’s fibers, from which linen is created.  The resulting textile is a material that is unique in it’s durability and it’s breathability.  When woven together the natural fibers of flax produce a sturdy fabric with a smooth texture.  The feel of linen is what makes it such a vital warm weather fabric as linen actually has a cooling effect on the wearer caused by it’s relaxed weave and the material’s resilience against perspiration.  Here are some linen based garments for the coming months:

Paul Smith Double Breasted Sport Coat

Camoshita Sport Coat

Boglioli Patch Pocket Blazer

Brioni Unstructured Linen-Blend Blazer

Hentsch Man Sunday Slim Fit Linen Shirt

Gitman Vintage Contrast Weft Sport Shirt

Hartford Classic Linen Shirt

Epaulet Slim Walt Scarlet Irish Linen

Incotex Linen Blend Slim Fit Chinos

Incotex Linen Blend Chino Shorts

Etro Cuba Paisley Print Linen Shorts

Pierrepont Hicks Plaid Linen Tie

Drake's Flower-Print Linen Pocket Square

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  1. First of all…I love your blog. Second, I didn’t know linen had such a rich history. I’ve always wante to try a linen jacket or blazer, but I’m from the south and the humidity would kill me. I must keep an eye on you! Peace.

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