Rodney Dangerfield’s Go To Hell Style

Rodney Dangerfield used his tremendous personality to create unforgettable characters and become one of the greatest comedians of his time.  His self-deprecating style continuously kept audiences laughing both with him and at him.  Dangerfield’s ability to poke fun at himself for the betterment of his performances lead him to portray the most ridiculous of characters.  His madcap style of acting often had Dangerfield not only behaving outlandishly but dressing in ways that clearly upstaged any one else that was on screen with him.  During Dangerfield’s 1980’s heyday films such as Caddyshack, Easy Money, and Back to School cemented his status as not only a significant comedian, but an ostentatious actor as well.  Dangerfield’s madras blazers, pastel shirts, and neckerchiefs matched his radical comedy to create on screen characters that audiences were instantly drawn too.  Dangerfield’s humor is what brought him to the movies, but it was his onscreen personas, complete with unforgettable outfits that made him so famous.

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