Esemplare – Italian for Exemplary

When we overuse certain words, they tend to lose some of their meaning overtime.  In the age of the internet, and particularly in menswear writing, we seem to fall back on describing everything in the positive, saying that things are the greatest or the best, and after a while it’s hard to differentiate between what’s actually that great and what’s just good.  Which is why when I learned that Esemplare is Italian for exemplary, I was skeptical, not because what I had seen of the brand already wasn’t impressive, but strictly because when you stake a claim as being the best, you better be able to carry that through in everything that you do.  And then, as I began learning about Esemplare and their history, the name suddenly made sense, because when you’re a company that has been around for over fifty years and you still use the same production and design philosophy that you were founded upon, you have a right to call yourselves exemplary.

In 1961, Manifattura Riese (the company’s factory) began manufacturing clothes based on a system that combined technological advances of the day, with the handcrafted traditions of his native Italy.  The company’s intention was to create clothes that were not simply worn, but became a reflection of who you were.  Esemplare’s designs were then and have always been about foundations, taking away superflous elements to create clothes that are about complimenting the man.  Utilizing natural lines, and details that actually have a purpose, Esemplare has created clothes that are natural, and grant you the ability to be a bit careless.  Esemplare’s vision was to utilize high-quality production (something that continues today as Esemplare still employs the same factory from 1961) to make clothes that were more about how you live you life in it’s entirety than how you look in a fleeting moment.  Thankfully, Esemplare is easier to find today than ever, with more and more U.S. and international stockists being introduced with each collection.

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  1. bob said:

    I’m really into those shawl collar jackets. Too bad they aren’t on yoox, which has a good selection of Esemplare going with their spring sale right now.

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