The Knottery – Led by Curiosity

Army Knit Tie and Floral Chambray Pocket Square

I first caught wind of the Knottery the same way a lot of early adopters did, through other blogs.  Jack and Jay’s foray into the world of ties caused a stir early on, as the company seemed to have their pulse on exactly what the young menswear crowd was looking for.  The designs were attractive and varied, but most importantly everything was accessible.  Clocking in at well under fifty dollars, the Knottery’s ties filled a gap in the market, offering affordable ties that actually looked good.  I personally fell neatly into the brand’s demographic and picked up one of their first knit silk ties.  The tie was crafted well beyond it’s price point, and for the first time I found myself wearing ties just for the hell of it.

Brown Leather Nato Strap

Luckily, around this time I had a chance to actually meet Jay and learn a bit more about the brand.  The Knottery had recently started expanding beyond ties and pocket squares, and was beginning to develop into an all around accessories brand.  It was this type of “try anything once” mentality that has always struck me about the Knottery, and likely is the key to their success.  Free from the limitations and restrictions that can plague other brands, the Knottery has been able to experiment, and allow their ideas to guide them, all the while creating an increasingly larger collection of products for an ever receptive audience.  As Jay recounted stories of working with this guy on a pair of inexpensive glasses (forthcoming), and that manufacturer on a hat (available now), and yet another factory on a varsity jacket (scrapped) it became clear that the Knottery was a brand that was still in flux in the best kind of way.  By offering a range of products that spans everything from ties, pocket squares, and lapel flowers to belts, and shoelaces to five panels, eyeglass holders, and NATO straps, Jack and Jay’s company is impossible to describe in just one sentence.  Although if I had to give it a shot I would say the Knottery is ultimately about curiosity, taking an idea, and searching for a way to execute it on their terms.

Army Knit Tie

Army Knit Tie

Floral Chambray Pocket Square

Brown Leather NATO Strap

Brown Leather NATO Strap

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  1. I am really interested in menswear, not only because I have a husband and he is always asking my opinion, but also there is something just so cool about men’s accessories. I really love this post, I’ll have to check out the Knottery now.

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