A.S. Castel Rigone – The Only Soccer Team That Wears Cucinelli

On Monday I mentioned that I didn’t think it was right to start the week out by writing about Brunello Cucinelli’s soccer team, but as the week wore on I figured why not round the week out by giving some love to A.S. Castel Rigone.  Founded in 1998 and located in the central Italian town where he was born, Cucinelli only owns the team, but plays with them several times a week.  The team and Cucinelli’s life long love of the game are a key part of the now famous philosophy that Cucinelli has used to guide his brand since it’s inception.  Tucked away in the middle of Italy, Cucinelli has gained notoriety not only for his world class cashmere, but also for his ability to run an incredibly successful business free from almost all conventional industry practices.  Cucinelli attributes his success to a belief system that advocates for enjoying life over everything else.  By balancing hard work with down time Cucinelli and his employees have thrived in both work and life for decades.  Which is where A.S. Castel Rigone comes in, a team that Cucinelli and his staff not only watch, but take part in as well.  Not to mention the fact that the team’s off the field outfits are Cucinelli suits, making them easily one of the best dressed soccer teams in the world.  I mean there’s a damn good reason why they all so happy in that team portrait.

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