Tretorn’s Nylite Project

In a break from this week’s theme, here’s a special Friday post to finish out the week.  This year Tretorn asked me to be a part of their Nylite Project, so one white pair of shoes and a tub of KoolAid later, I give you my DIY Nylites.

For me picking up a pair of stark white sneakers has always meant that summer has finally arrived.  But you know what else spells summer: Kool Aid.  Yup, few things compare to a refreshingly saccharine glass of Kool-Aid on a hot day.  And truthfully, despite the fact that that the slightest stain scares the bejesus out of me today, I was a pretty messy kid.  Nearly every item of clothing I had in my younger years was riddled with stains, everything from apple juice, to grass, to some things even I wouldn’t want to identify.  So, as an homage to my younger self and to summertime I decided to dye my Nylites in Kool-Aid.  Naturally, I had to go with the old-standby Purple, and while they aren’t exactly that deep shade of purple I was going for, they certainly look way better than those ratty t-shirts I had as a kid.

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    • I like’em just the way they turned out, way radder than white.

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    i want to see my man wearing this type of clothes :)

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