Paul Stuart Syndrome – A Fall Phenomenon

A few days ago, thanks to several well-placed, cancelled classes, I was fortunate enough to be graced with the coveted five day weekend.  With Thanksgiving on deck, and not much on my docket, I fell back on the old standby of absentmindedly walking the streets and watching the hours tick by.  It might’ve been that the impending holiday was on my mind, but as I walked around, meeting up with friends, and running into people, I found myself preoccupied with all that surrounded me.  I consider fall to be the only real season that really has a distinct character to it, which some say is produced by the colors of the season, but to me it really has more to do with the emotions and ideas that this atmosphere creates.

The setting also reminded me of another seasonal phenomenon – Paul Stuart.  I’ve noticed that sometime in late September, when the slightest hint of a fall cold front first surfaces, someone out there hits the proverbial Paul Stuart switch, and suddenly the entire menswear community falls back in love with the seventy-four year old brand.  I too become afflicted with Paul Stuart syndrome as the temperature drops, and as I walked around this past weekend, it became quite clear to me why.  As far as I’m concerned, no other brand comes as close to replicating the fall atmosphere as Paul Stuart does.  Like the sun seeping through auburn treetops, Paul Stuart’s fall collection is presented through the filtered lens of fall, effortlessly melding the oranges and browns of a leaf laden forest with the deep reds of shade-covered bricks, and the inviting blues of a crisp sky.  Stuart is also well known for incorporating a multitude of allusions to their Anglo-American heritage, showcasing complex windowpane tweeds, updated hunting jackets, and strong purple and gold tones that so many brands shy away from these days.

Flowing through the season’s colors, a flip through Paul Stuart’s collection draws another topical comparison, it is akin to a train ride home for Thanksgiving, just staring out the window and watching the tones of autumn meld together into something far greater than the sum of it’s parts.  The fall palate is Paul Stuart’s playground, reveling in the colors and textures of a time of year that is rich in both, echoing the sentiment of a season that packs more character and sensibility than any other.

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  1. Holy cow the colors! I love this. The Madras shirts are so vivid and exciting and thanks for reminding me of the beauty of that pops when purple meets green. Brilliant collection. Men go for the color. Don’t be afraid to be vibrant as well as masculine. Birds to it, bees do it…isn’t it time we men do it too. COLOR!

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