The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Daniel Craig’s Perfect Shawl Collar Cardigan

Daniel Craig The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Shawl Collar2

I’ve come to realize, over the past year or so, that all “premium” (read: expensive) cable channels adhere to this cyclical schedule wherein each month they pick a handful of new releases and proceed to air them to absolute death. While normally only one of this films is watching, (if that) fortunately for me, February’s crop includes one of my favorite movies of the past year or so – The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

So with this past week being one of the most hectic of the year I’ve found myself coming home at all hours of the night and tuning into David Fincher’s 2011 adaptation of the first installation of Stieg Larsson’s Millenium series, which has led me to two conclusions – one this is a terrible movie to fall asleep to and two Daniel Craig’s character has the most enviable shawl collar cardigan collection I’ve ever seen.

Daniel Craig Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Shawl Collar6


The overall wardrobe of the film is fairly unremarkable, as I imagine that the downright cruelty of a Swedish winter makes it’s tough to worry about how you look, but the cardigans that Craig wears throughout the movie to keep warm inside his poorly heated quarters more than make up for the flatness of the rest of the movie.

In the film, Craig wears three different variations on the basic shawl collar, the first being a basic dark grey sweater with what appears to be as fuzzy as a shetland, the second is a graphite cable knit with a very slight shawl to it, but it’s his third and most commonly worn sweater, a thick navy blue ribbed number with a prominent roll to the collar that I’m the most jealous of. Craig’s cardigan is, in my opinion, the ideal shawl collar cardigan.

Daniel Craig The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Shawl Collar4


It packs enough weight to be worn on it’s own, yet it’s slimmed down so it doesn’t hang sloppily like an oversized sweater you found in your mom’s closet. A cardigan like Craig’s is the ultimate piece of weekend gear, a sweater that you can toss on as you walk out the door and not look like you just tossed it on as you walked out the door. While I have no clue who produced Craig’s version for the movie, the sweater does remind me of the six-ply sweater jacket that Ovadia & Sons put out this past year. The brother’s deemed it a sweater jacket and I’d say that that’s a great way to describe the schizophrenic piece. Now if only I could stop dreaming about shawl collars and start dreaming about Rooney Mara a bit more, but that’s a whole other story.

Daniel Craig The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Shawl Collar Daniel Craig The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Shawl Collar3 Daniel Craig Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Shawl Collar 5 Daniel Craig The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo 9 Daniel Craig The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 8

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  1. LOVE that cardigan. It did not go well when I tried to get my boyfriend in one… Apparently it smothered him. Or was that me…? :)

  2. I am obsessed with that cardigan since I saw the movie… Glad I’m not alone out there! :P
    It’s strange though that I cannot find any information about it (or the other cardigans he wears, all of which I wouldn’t mind having in my closet). Maybe I should take knitting lessons and be done with it…!

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