Starksy & Hutch, Style Icons?


I’m not sure how many of you caught it, but in this Monday’s post on shawl collars I threw in a half-serious/half-sarcastic line about Starsky & Hutch as style icons. The line popped into my head as one of those random thoughts that always seem to surface as I approach the end of post and began to feel slightly delusional, and so I hastily typed in there without even really remembering what Starsky and Hutch actually dressed like. For some reason though, the idea of Starsky & Hutch as style icons stuck with me, so a couple hours later I found myself sifting through screen caps and promo shots of the late seventies series, and I soon realized that my uneducated guess was actually spot on, at least to a certain extent.


Now as a show from the heart of seventies, Starsky & Hutch ((played by Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul respectively) certainly did have it’s fair share of sartorial missteps, but let’s just blame the denim cutoffs, leather dusters, and flared out jeans on an era of style that deserves to be left in the past. Despite all of it’s flaws though, Starsky & Hutch still did contain it’s fair share of sportswear gold, most notably David Starsky’s belted cowichan sweater. To this day that sweater is one the most enviable pieces of knitwear I’ve ever seen, and nearly thirty years later I still check eBay every so often to see if I can dig up something similar.

Not to be outdone by Starsky’s cardigan, Kenneth Hutchinson had his own signature piece – a varsity jacket, which was a not too subtle reference to his Midwestern, “good ol’ boy” roots. While the green and white color combo on Hutch’s varsity is something I wish more companies would “find inspiration from” (read: copy), I personally find those roll neck sweaters that Hutch wore under the jacket to be far more covetable. These ribbed-rollneck knits are rarely seen these days off the docks, but Hutch makes a solid case for them, and even though we’re (hopefully) on our way out of winter now, they’re definitely something to keep in mind for next season. With all that said, I’m not sure I’m fully ready to label the pair as style icons just yet, but I’ll admit, Starsky & Hutch at least got some things right, and that’s a lot more than you can say about most TV shows from the seventies. Now, if only we can erase the memory of those damn bell bottoms.

Starsky_and_hutch_1975 Starsky et HutchPaul Michael GlaserDavid SoulCollection Christophel starsky-et-hutch-tv-series-05-g starsky-et-hutch-tv-series-06-g starsky

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  1. JUAN MANUEL said:

    Don’t forget the Samba or Gazelle Adidas sneakers Starsky is wearing, somewhere I saw a picture of Lapo Elkann with suit and green Samba. They work great in no formal situations where you need to be confy but the running shoes look out of place.

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