Epaulet Made to Order Shirting – Customizable U.S. Made Shirts for $150

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 1.33.17 PMI can’t say everyday starts the same, but I can say everyday starts with the same shirt. Or, should I say, a similar shirt. For years now I’ve worn a blue or white oxford, with the occasional university stripe thrown in there for good measure, nearly every day. It’s one less thing to worry about in the morning, and I prefer the simplicity of a solid oxford over the forced experimentation of some overly checkered plaid any day of the week.


While my stubbornness on shirt choice might make my morning’s easier, it’s also lead me on an obsessive quest for that elusive “perfect” oxford. So far I’ve found two contenders, one being Brooks Brothers extra slim fit made in the U.S.A. oxfords, which is an overly long name for a basic, inexpensive, relatively well-fitting button-down and Epaulet U.S. made oxfords, which come in far more variations than Brooks, but until now I’ve only had in cutaway. For a while there I was mostly wearing BB’s based solely on price, but this past week Epaulet came out a new made to order shirting feature that might just end my search altogether.


I actually used to work at Epaulet (although for the sake of transparency, I received no compensation for doing this post) and one of my favorite memories from my time at the store is when my co-worker Matt (the direct sales coordinator at Epaulet) and I custom ordered cutaway collared oxford popovers. That opportunity, which once was only possible if you went into the store and placed an order in person, is now available to anyone simply by heading to Epaulet’s site. With options that range from cloth, to collar style and button material, to body and sleeve length, the site offers the most comprehensive, yet also straightforward guide to creating a made to order shirt that I’ve ever seen. What’s most incredible about the process though, is that there’s barely any up charge in comparison to Epaulet’s stock shirts, making for a deal that’s pretty much unmatched in made to order menswear today.


Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 1.35.03 PM

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  1. Having made-to-order polo is nice but I would rather have my own polo or my boyfriend’s at our local seamstress. Having it fit in person would definitely be worth my price than having it made-to-order and not being sure if it would actually fit you like it should. But thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Fantastic to hear you enjoy wearing shirts, everyday. Men look so effortless and fresh in a well cut (and pressed) good quality shirt.

  3. Luciano said:

    Can you provide any information about the collar construction on these shirts (i.e. are they fused or non-fused)? Thanks!

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