The Only Photo You Need This Spring


As the weather forecast finally starts to look up, I leave you this week with a photo I hope you’ve all seen already. Taken at Yale in 1965, this is in my opinion the only photo worth looking at for the next few months, thanks to the fellow second from left. White chinos, sock-less loafers, three-roll-two navy blazer, chalk white buttons, OCBD, club masters, hair like YSL at 21, unflappable attitude. This is what I’d consider to be the perfect spring look, so go forth and dress better than everyone else.

Oh, and here’s a close-up for good measure.

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 9.54.44 AM

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  1. LAStyleGuy said:

    Sorry, but I don’t agree with part of the outfit: the no-socks route. By now, the guy has had 40 years of foot fungus. Yeah, it looks real cool to go naked ankles, but feet perspire and socks help absorb it. They also protect your shoes and keep them from reeking. So yeah, everything else is fine, but for God’s sake–and the sake of the noses around you–wear socks. And speaking of which, it’s not like he had to go with some lame pair of black socks. Argyles, stripes, bright solids; there are plenty of cool options.

    • KC said:

      they must not have shoe trees or gold bond/baby powder in LA…

      Also, some socks make your feet perspire more, especially the cheap ones made of nylon blends since they don’t breathe like pure cotton does.

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