A Real Week’s Worth

As you all probably already know, I really don’t like posting photos of myself on this site. I’ve never wanted this to be a personal style blog, simply because I don’t think I really have that much personal style. But this week my friend Chris Fenimore kindly asked for me to participate in his “In Media Res” series in which he shoots someone for five days. Normally, I’d have turned the offer down, but as I’ll explain below, I figured this week was a bit of a milestone, and so I might as well record it in some way. And yes, please ignore my crooked smirks and bleary eyes, I am truly bad at this sort of thing.


Monday: I think that designers and publications alike tend to focus too much on color. Color in my opinion should always be secondary to texture. I would rather wear the same three colors everyday and riff on textures than try to worry about working in a whole mess of colors just for the sake of it. The washed Double Breasted on top of washed denim look is one of my all time favorites. It reminds me of all the ex urbanites that flee to the southwest and end up with these wild wardrobes that area blend of a lifetime’s worth of different styles.


Tuesday: One of my favorite shots of the past year is of Yasuto Kamoshita at Pitti Uomo where he’s wearing a terry cloth polo and seersucker pants. I always hear that seersucker looks cartoonish or is only meant to be worn on Easter, but it was unholy humid here on Tuesday and those pants felt like pajamas. And to be honest, when it’s that hot, it’s best to just not complicate things because no matter what you end up wearing, you’ll just sweat right through it.


Wednesday: Praise be to the Ovadia & Sons sample sale. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about proportions, but truthfully, there isn’t a lot of room for exploration before things just look off. This Ovadia jacket does it right though, lying somewhere between a safari jacket and what I could only describe as a spring-weight top coat. It plays with proportions, but it doesn’t end up looking like anything is out of place or too try hard. I just wish spring had lingered only a few weeks longer before we were hit with an inescapable wall of humidity.


Thursday: As I mentioned earlier this week, this Engineered Garments jacket is my favorite purchase of the past few months if not even longer than that. It’s definitely a departure from what I normally wear but I really love the idea of a floral jacket when it rains. I feel like I borrowed the rest of the look from a United Arrows catalog a few seasons ago, but I couldn’t find the exact photo. Regardless I’ll confess that I was going for that Beams Plus/UA “store snap” vibe, as those shots always blend the trad with the ridiculous better than anything else I’ve ever seen.


Friday: This shot is actually the reason why I even decided to do this little write up to begin with. Aside from the all blue, aside from the Ovadia toggle sweater (once again praise be to their sample sale), aside from me wearing my pretention of my sleeve (er feet) by opting for two different pars of Belgians in a single week, this shirt is actually why I accepted Chris’ gracious offer to be shot this week. I wrote a few months ago about watching my university stripes fade, and today those stripes are still there but my undergrad days are behind me. As of this afternoon I’ll be a college grad and so regardless of where I go from here, I just wanted to know where I stood at twenty one. And now that’s enough self satisfying prattle for this week, get off your computer and go enjoy the long weekend.

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  1. Very nice pictures ! i like the 3rd one , you look relaxed.What i noticed is that you don’t wear socks :) Do you ever wear socks ?

  2. jonathanochart said:

    That jacket with the floral or leaf print is rad – love it! Thanks for sharing!


  3. pinaM said:

    Great loafers and great share. You definitely have your own personal style

  4. michael said:

    Thanks for sharing. Great to see you have got great style

  5. Like your Smart Casual style. Thanks for Sharing !

  6. Graham said:

    love the site. where’s the navy sport coat from in the Tuesday fit?

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