Bklyn Curated – Santa Fe in Greenpoint


This Saturday, during the back half of a four day hiatus from the working grind, I decided to travel not to the beach, nor to the mountains, nor to another state even, but over the East River to my new favorite little shop in the whole city. On a particularly sweltering afternoon, I wandered up Greenpoint’s “main drag” Franklin Street, to Bklyn Curated, a storefront that’s a hodgepodge of southwestern jewelry, mid-century modern tsotchkes, sun-faded outdoor gear, and everything in between. I suppose Bklyn Curated, which is owned and operated by Kevin Jacob (who I believe to be the ex-creative director of RRL), is most easily summed up as an antique shop, but I would say that hardly does it justice – taking that first step into Bklyn Curated was like leaping across those 1,968 miles between Greenpoint and Santa Fe in a split second.



Growing up, I didn’t have a Hampton’s house, or some cabin tucked away upstate, rather I had (and still have) a house off the plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico. For my parents, stimulation far outweighed relaxation when it came to choosing a vacation destination, and so a few times a year, we’d all fly out to Santa Fe to experience something wholly different than my Suburban Maryland hometown. My favorite part of Santa Fe has always been the antique shops with their inexplicable assortment of goods, irregular layouts, and still air that you never want to disrupt. Every time I leave a shop in Santa Fe, I’m left wondering, “how did all of that get here?” I found myself asking that same question as I walked out of Bklyn Curated.

The best antique shops not only tell the story of the objects, but of the store itself. Brklyn Curated’s tale is told in surf magazines, Navajo cuffs, and 1950’s school clocks – it’s the closest I’ve ever come to Santa Fe on the East Coast.


While I wish now that I had been able to grab more photos of the shop, I was honestly too busy trying to take everything in, and I can assure you my pictures never would’ve captured all there is to see. Go see for yourself at 88 Franklin St.


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1 comment
  1. Leslie dilworth said:

    What a unique, cleaver and delightful tie in between experiences in Brooklyn and Santa Fe! Love your breezy fun yet informative style!!

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