Red Soles Sticking to The Asphalt – White Bucks for Summer

Club Monaco's Aaron Levine shot by Liam Goslett for

Club Monaco’s Aaron Levine shot by Liam Goslett for

There’s no other word for it – this week it’s plain old hot. It’s Serpico in a tunic hot. It’s cook an egg on the pavement faster than you can grab the rest of your omelet ingredients hot. Or as I like to think of it, it’s melt my white buck’s red brick soles into the asphalt hot. While I will admit my own foolishness in wearing (read: sweating through) the same few oxfords all summer long, I like to think that a pair of white bucks somehow balances out my illogical shirt choice, as a shoe that’s smart, in both look and application.

At Pitti Uomo three years ago shot by Tommy Ton

At Pitti Uomo three years ago shot by Tommy Ton for

They’re clean, although I think everyone would agree bucks look better dirty, they’re insubstantial, and they go with just about anything, especially in summer when an all white outfit is more acceptable, or when a darker outfit needs a lighter touch. In my opinion they work particularly well with a worn in pair of jeans, a wrinkled cotton blazer, and a sweat soaked oxford. It’s too hot out there to care about perfection, so go beat up your bucks enjoying the heat while you can, because before you know it, that other white stuff will be literring the sidewalks.


Pat Boone's bucks

Pat Boone’s bucks

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