RRL’s Roper – The Cowboy Boot for the Man Who Doesn’t Own Cowboy Boots


And now after Wednesday’s dose of reality, it’s back to my regularly scheduled program as I give you RRL’s $850 Roper Boot. Now to be fair, $850 is an entirely reasonable price for a suede roper, especially when you consider what it actually takes to create such a boot. These stompers come straight from the heartland, as they’re produced in a Nebraska factory that’s been churning out hand-made boots for over one hundred fifty years. That legacy of craftsmanship can be seen in each detail, from the fully lined uppers to the rubber coated goodyear sole, to the steel shank, right down to the leather stacked heel.


Of course, most of RRL’s customers won’t really be wearing these to rope cattle, so the boot’s aesthetic features likely outweigh all of its guts in the end. Built upon vintage lasts from the 1940’s, it’s about as classic a boot as you can get, devoid of any superfluous ornamentation or stitching, this roper could probably sneak by without being called a cowboy boot at all. Maybe it’s because I’m having my typical mid-summer southwest dreams, but come Fall I could see myself wearing these with a pair of 501’s (never boot tucked of course) and a navy blazer. I’d dub it “the confused East Coaster in Santa Fe.”


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  1. Depending on your size I can hook you up with handmade goodyear welted and steel shanked roper boots for about $ 170, if you´re willing to have them shipped from Brazil which should be about $ 35. It´s pretty much the only kind of footwear that is goodyear welted over here.

    Price might be a little bit more if you want leather such as Sting Ray, Ostrich, snake, alligator, crocodile, fish, “bull´s head” or “bull´s reticulum”. We´re pretty much the largest caddle industry in the world and the guys from the cowboy and country culture are all about their flashy boots and belt buckles.

    This is an inside view of a model from the shop I manage: http://instagram.com/p/cPHmOhlQ8W/
    And an outside view of one: http://instagram.com/p/cOoixyFQ05/

    You can take a look at some stuff at http://www.goyazes.com.br/
    Beware of the music. Some of them are welted, some blaked. For men´s click on “coleção” and then “masculino”. You´ll see all the leathers and in oder they are: Calfskin, Stingray, Ostrich, Snake, Alligator, Crocodile, Lizard, “Fish Leather”, “Leather from the bull´s head” and “leather from the bull´s intestine”

      • And nothing as good looking at these RRL ones!

        I´m sure there are some suede boots, but I couldn´t find any men´s online.Mostly women´s. I think Brazilian “cowboys” dont have a good relationship with suede.

  2. Those are beautiful. I have coveted them as well.
    RRL is my absolute favorite. These look very similar to a Redwing Pecos Boot. I found a pair for $50 when my friend was liquidating his vintage store. Wear them all the time. You have good taste, I will continue to follow along with your blog.

  3. kp said:

    As far as the description goes, only the leather is source from Nebraska. These boots are very likely made by Rios of Mercedes Boot Company.

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