1. Derek said:

    Really like these photos. Great stuff, Jake.

  2. ltseeley said:

    What watch are you wearing in the 4th picture?

    • If you’re interested in the band, it’s just a leather strap I picked up off eBay.

  3. Andrew said:

    Great pictures, really enjoyed the Eidos shots. I worked in 641 Lex and always wondered what was on the Individualized Apparel Group floor. I figured out that it was Gitman and some other brands, but always wondered what they did on that floor, like design or admin. Could you enlighten me? Have a great one, Andrew

    • Thanks mate, and yes of course, that floor is their made to measure/wholesale/custom office.

  4. bendujour said:

    slicker than your average blog, great view on details! cheers from germany!

  5. Quick, slightly strange question, if I may. How do you get the double roll/turn up fold on your jeans so neat and tight (in the photograph with the Belgians). Whenever I try it they always seem heavy, untidy and droop.

    Maybe there is no real trick to it. Obviously, not a very serious or important issue, but I am just curious.

    • I actually have no idea, but it seems like a double fold to me.

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