Revisiting the Dandy Portraits and Sean Crowley

Sean Crowley by Rose Callahan

Sean Crowley by Rose Callahan

Wax Wane World HQ has been on the move this week, as I finally fled my old apartment for a new adobe that has a ceiling that actually won’t cave in for a change.

More importantly though, as I was unpacking things and getting situated yesterday morning, I was reminded of one of my favorite series of photos that I’ve ever come across in my #menswear-ian travels – Rose Callahan’s portraits of Sean Crowley in his apartment. If you know me personally, you know that Crowley’s apartment has become somewhat of an ever-present obsession of mine. I’ve had these photos bookmarked for probably a year now, and from time to time I’ll still send them to people to address such pressing questions as:

How does one man own more ties than there are days in his entire life?

How many bottles of scotch do you buy before they begin cascading onto the floor?

What’s an acceptable number of hours that a man can wear a house robe?

Are top hats the new five panels? Or just the old trilbys?

How does one decide which pipe to smoke in the morning?

Why do all other apartments (mine included) suddenly seem so inferior?

Sean Crowley by Rose Callahan

Sean Crowley by Rose Callahan

Sean Crowley by Rose Callahan

Sean Crowley by Rose Callahan

Sean Crowley by Rose Callahan1

Sean Crowley by Rose Callahan

Do yourself a favor, and see the rest of the shots on Rose Callahan’s site, The Dandy Portraits

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  1. Dave said:

    I’m guessing that Sean Crowley doesn’t have kids? I’m a father of a 19 month old boy and that’s my first reaction…so many things for a 19 month old to get his hands on in that apartment! All joking aside, I like the George V portrait and the zig-zag slippers. And of course the fantastic tie collection.

  2. Uncle Jeff said:

    Adobe in New Mexico or abode in NYC?

  3. Sue Denim said:

    Does this not grind your gears even a little bit?

    Having pictures of British monarchs on the wall while being an American living in Brooklyn (In actual Britain this would be a huge faux pas); owning cricket caps that belong to clubs you have no connection to; crests on the wall that have no relevance either to you or your family (I can see the prince of wales and archbishop of canterbury); a naval ensign; naval officers caps…

    It all seems terribly affected and silly and fake, If he enjoys it more power to him, but to me it seems a little ridiculous.

    • It’s not my place to tell a man that his pursuits are silly. If he enjoys it then we all should too.

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