Exploring the Silver and Gold Webstore


It has been nearly four months to the day since I first wrote about the onset of my fixation with the Nepenthes family of brands, and I’m happy to report today that this interest has grown into a full blown obsession. Like Alice stumbling down the rabbit hole, there seems to be no turning back for me, and all I can say is that I feel bad for my bank account going forward. My recent mania over Engineered Garments is what lead me to one of the best online stores out there – Silver and Gold

Founded in 2007, Silver and Gold is an Osaka based menswear shop that packs an impressive brand roster. The best way to describe their stock would be like a more avant garde Inventory, blending the expected – EG (including one of the best Fall collection buys of any account worldwide), orSlow, South2West8Folk, etc. with some unknown exports from Japan and abroad. It’s this selection that sets Silver and Gold apart, and they realize use their new arrivals section to the utmost to showcase these more obscure brands. 

The Silver and Gold arrivals page is everything that every store “blog” should be. The photos are crisp, the descriptions are eloquent and inventive (at least as far as I can tell from the erratic Google translations), and the assortment is diverse enough that you can actually discover a new brand. Or at least a brand that’s new to you. I’ve listed a couple of my favorite finds below, but check it out for yourself, you might just find your next favorite designer. As for actually buying their wares though, well that’s a whole other story.  


Yaeca Snap Shirts – I couldn’t tell you where Yaeca is based, although I’d assume somewhere in Japan, but their clothes are branded as “logically simple” which is a buzzword laden way of saying that they’re quite practical. Take these snap shirts for example, which toe the line between shirt and jacket, with a longer length, a plain front, and side pockets. It’s a comfortable and casual design that I wish more brands would offer.


Nonnative Easy Dweller Pants – Far from an unknown label, I’ve become increasingly infatuated with Nonnative’s collections lately, precisely because of pieces like this. I love how the more traditionally rigid olive drab color is paired with the casual ribbed cuff. They’re something like military sweatpants, an idea that intrigues me, although for the classicists that read this site, I’ll admit that might sound repulsive.


Moto Leather Slip On – I truly know nothing about this brand, considering they’re pretty much unsearchable thanks to their name, but these shoes are down right gorgeous to me. Shaped somewhat like a Prince Albert, but made up in a rich leathers, and finished with a hand-sewn sole, I really do wish I could locate this style in the states. 

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