Aspesi M-65 – A Lesson on Buying the Right Thing


A friend recently told me that I had an addiction to M-65’s. How did I respond to this news? By buying another M-65 of course.

In my defense though (after all every addict has to have a defense) this latest M-65 was different, for it was the holy grail of faux #menswear militaria: an Aspesi. Now I will admit, until this point, I certainly did have a mild hoarding problem with olive drab jackets. There was the nineties Ralph Lauren piece (which may or may not have been womens), the random worn-out vintage jacket from the eighties, and of course a few actual surplus M-65’s thrown in there for good measure. But none of them ever quite worked. The sleeves were always too short, the armholes too low, the lining too puffy. And so now they’re all gone, relegated to the bloated racks of my local consignment shop.

The Aspesi M-65 is everything that a tailored (read: bastardized) M-65 should be. The shoulders fit closer to an unstructured sport coat than a surplus piece, a clear nod to the jacket’s Italian make. The material is soft and lightweight, making it easy to toss on over a middle layer for that high/low vibe that every capital F publication heralds so ardently.

So what’s the point of this story? Well aside from letting me brag that I finally own a jacket that I’ve coveted for the past year and change, the moral ties back to that old blogger adage (read: cliche) about saving up for the real deal (read: fake deal) rather than wasting money on second rate pieces. I knew all along that I’d eventually have to save up and actually buy an Aspesi if I wanted to get that slimmed down Aspesi fit, but instead I wasted my pennies trying to find a cheaper jacket that would suffice. As a result I probably wasted about double the price of a single Aspesi along the way, when I would’ve been wiser to just bite the bullet and invest from the get-go.

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  1. ‘A friend recently told me that I had an addiction to M-65′s. How did I respond to this news? By buying another M-65 of course.’
    Haha, brilliance. I have an addiction to Trench coats it seems, but I totally agree with your idea of saving up for the real thing, in my case a Burberry seems so far away! xo

  2. pixsey said:

    That jacket is perfection. If at first you don’t succeed buy, buy again. Or something like that.

  3. Dave said:

    Congrats. I’ve been wasting my money on herringbone sport coats for years, I smell what your cookin’.

  4. Bob said:

    There are so many cheaper alternatives to the Aspesi M65, that I’ve fallen into the same trouble, thanks for this post. BTW — How does it fit? Should you upsize to wear over a sportcoat, or is remaining TTS the way to go?

    • I think that it fit TTS. I’ve been wearing it without a sport coat/sweater under, but one of the first things I did was try it on with both those things and I still found that it fit really well.

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