Gentry NYC – Hitting the Reset Button

If you aren’t familiar with Gentry (the store that is not the magazine), I can’t blame you. “Gentry” only surfaced in relation to a New York retail outlet over the past few months, prior to that, the store which now bears the Gentry name was called H.W. Carter, which is a name that I’m sure many of you are familiar with. Now, as far as I can tell (and of course I could be wrong) the H.W. Carter label, which included both the store and a house line, is gone entirely. I could only speculate on why this occurred, I have heard it had something to do with licensing issues, but who really knows.
Regardless of why it happened, Gentry has now replaced H.W. Carter, leaving behind a store that never really seemed to understand what it was to begin with. H.W. Carter might have looked like an independent boutique from the outside, but it carried a selection of products that covered too many styles at once, without covering any set style that well. Yet, in a brilliant move (at least thus far) the team behind the shop have hit the reset button. By closing the book on H.W. Carter and redirecting the ship, Gentry now has a chance to bring something significant to the New York market.
So far they have no official website, but they do have a Tumblr, and while it’s nothing extraordinary yet (although I do know that some of the brands they’ve yet to debut are quite impressive) the buys do seem well-structured and the whole vision is far more streamlined. What’s more, the photos are everything I think e-comm images should be – They’re clean, well-styled, and detail oriented. I wish I had more info to report on the exact reopening of Gentry, or the opening of an actual online shop, but until then, a Tumblr will have to suffice.
Gentry3 Gentry4 Gentry5
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  1. Dave said:

    The male models look very sad.

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