Hop Crisis – The Answers Are Found Through Drinking


And now for my monthly attempt to make this blog about more than just clothes.

Not too long ago I had a conversation with a friend (who is roughly a decade and change older than I) and I made the claim that beer is my generation’s wine. What I mean by this is that while historically beer has been largely ignored as a “craft” to be studied in a similar manner as wine, it’s now finally getting its due. While my friend was scrutinizing his glass of wine, I was doing the same with the beer that was in front of me. All you have to do is peruse through BeerAdvocate‘s reviews for a few minutes (and really I recommend not doing so for much longer as the entire site gives new meaning to the word pedantic) to recognize that there is now not only a vocabulary for the critique of but a fervent fanbase that is more than ready for this level of appreciation.

As I’ve personally been attempting to navigate through the sea of hops and grains, I’ve been reminded of a quote that I once saw at the start of a maze: “The answers are found through walking.” Only in my tale the answers are found through drinking. Now I’m not sure if this is the best way to learn about beer, but it certainly is the most enjoyable, so I’ve been drinking my way through regions and variants without any sort of exact plan for some time now. This slapdash approach led me to a truly strange and glorious beer this week, 21st Amendment’s Hop Crisis Imperial IPA.

I had picked out this beer using my standard “Hey that sounds interesting” approach without really glancing at the specifics of the brew, so it was only after I had opened this one up that I realized that it was 9.7% alcohol. The initial taste was not as alcoholic as I had anticipated, but it was certainly dense, as if I were drinking red wine as opposed to a beer. After getting over that initial punch, I found it to be a remarkably enjoyable beer, and far less overbearing than I anticipated. For an Imperial IPA it had an unexpectedly fruity taste, although I imagine that could be attributed to the fairly high sugar content. I will admit towards the end, the alcohol was quite noticeable, both in taste and effect, but I suppose that’s what you get when drinking a beer that’s basically two beers in one. Therefore I recommend this one with a massive asterisk – buy a can, not a six pack. Your tastebuds, and your head will thank me.

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  1. dilljor2 said:

    Totally agree with the generational comment about beer.

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