So Long for Now

If there’s one major criticism I have with this site, it’s that I’ve always been more than a bit long-winded. So, in the spirit of all things new, I’m going to at least attempt to make this post as concise as possible. On Friday, I accepted a job (which I don’t feel comfortable announcing just yet, but I’m sure you’ll hear more about soon) and I feel that I must put all my efforts into this new endeavor therefore this will be my last post on Wax Wane for the foreseeable future. Don’t get me wrong though, I will still be writing on a daily basis and I’m very excited for what’s ahead, I simply feel the need to reprioritize things for the time being.

Whether you were a regular reader or merely stopped in occasionally, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you all took some time out of your busy days to read this site. Writing Wax Wane over the past couple years brought me an immense amount of joy, and so I just want to thank you all for allowing me to turn my divergent diversions into something somewhat meaningful.

So long for now.

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  1. Dan said:

    Thanks for your insight over the years bro. Good luck in your new position.

  2. Derek said:
  3. where can we read your new writing? or is it going to be private!

    • You’ll find out soon, but I can assure you that you will still be able to read my work.

      • Thank you!

  4. Vetti said:

    thanks for so many amazing posts – good luck with your new role!

  5. Drew said:

    A great blog bites the dust. Good reading. God speed.

  6. Lorenzo Ragionieri said:


  7. I just started reading, so please don’t abandon me now! Love your site. And I prefer long winded reads. People’s attention spans have gone to hell, so it’s nice to be able to read and concentrate on a lengthy piece.

  8. agent00soul10012 said:

    It’s always interesting! Good luck with the job!

  9. Dave said:

    Who did you sign with, GQ or Esquire? Can you at least Tumblr?

  10. Karl said:

    One of the best blogs, always content with good substance

  11. All the best in your new position, their gain is our loss.

  12. oblio919 said:

    I only just found this site. I am very sad to be late to the party.

  13. I just found you! Sad to see you’re signing off for now.

  14. Es la primera vez que leo tu blog y me ha encantado. Siento que haya sido en su cierre, pero te deseo que tu futuro trabajo sea grandioso. Mucha suerte y un placer.

  15. I wondered where you went. I haven’t had an rss feed for months. Well, hope you return to the blog soon. Best wishes at your newest job. SM@SB

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