Wax Wane is an exploration into menswear from the perspective of Jake Gallagher, a New York City based writer.  Each week I choose a theme and write about men’s style in the context of that given theme. I take a multi-faceted approach to discuss menswear not only in the here-and-now, but examine backstories and histories as well.

I also write a weekly column for the GQ Eye called “Dropping Knowledge

If you have any questions or inquires you can contact me at Jake@Wax-Wane.com

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  1. Carissa said:

    I adore your blog =)

  2. Jai alai said:

    check out Jai Alai facebook.com/jaialainews and @jaialainews

  3. I love reading your blog, its so refreshing. Great to read about menswear as well! Never stop this blog, I would miss it terribly!

  4. I admire your backstories and history, and your tasteful brilliant looks (of course). Very inspiring!

    – Marcus G Christensen

  5. Manuel said:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months now and I’m left with one question: “How do you find the time”. You seem to put so much effort into every post, it must take forever.
    Anyways, I’m really liking it, so keep up!

  6. Hello, my name is Daniel Crage.
    If you are interested to feature your blog on
    http://reblogit.com, you can submit your site and grab the badge.Thanks
    Keep rocking!

  7. Dustin said:

    Hope your new endeavour is going well. Any chance you’ll get to post again?

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