And now for my monthly attempt to make this blog about more than just clothes.

Not too long ago I had a conversation with a friend (who is roughly a decade and change older than I) and I made the claim that beer is my generation’s wine. What I mean by this is that while historically beer has been largely ignored as a “craft” to be studied in a similar manner as wine, it’s now finally getting its due. While my friend was scrutinizing his glass of wine, I was doing the same with the beer that was in front of me. All you have to do is peruse through BeerAdvocate‘s reviews for a few minutes (and really I recommend not doing so for much longer as the entire site gives new meaning to the word pedantic) to recognize that there is now not only a vocabulary for the critique of but a fervent fanbase that is more than ready for this level of appreciation.

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Last Saturday I flew out to Chicago to drink a California beer. Ok, so that’s not whole story, I was actually in town for a backyard barbecue to celebrate my uncle’s 60th birthday, an event that just so happened to be laced with a Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’. For my money or in this case, for my cousin’s money) scorching summer days are made for IPA’s, just as unbearable summer mornings are made for IPA breath, and for that matter IPA headaches.

One of my favorite ipas, not just in summer, but year round is Lagunitas’ “umlimited release” Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’. For a 7.5% beer it’s quite drinkable, in fact I’d say dangerously drinkable, packing this pleasant hoppy, yet citrusy flavor that admittedly had me going through bottles a bit too fast.

Fortunately, thanks to the overabundance of craft brew distributors in this country, you don’t have to hop on a flight to grab a sixer of Lagunitas, all you have to do is head to any old corner store. So, what’re you still reading this for? Go grab a Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ for yourself.


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