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“I wish I had a better camera.”

I’ve found myself saying this sentence a lot lately, ever since I decided that shooting film was an expendable expense (sacrilege, I know) and that my iPhone camera would suffice for whatever photos I might to take during the course of a day. But last night at Club Monaco‘s Fall/Winter preview, I felt like I’d been caught in the rain without an umbrella.

I often worry that this site focuses far too much on my aspirations and inspirations, without paying enough attention to my realities. Do I wear bespoke ghurka pants? No. Do I own benchmade white bucks? No. Do I own a Volkswagen Thing, or for that matter, even a car? God, no. Let’s face it, I’m a twenty-one year old living in one of the most expensive cities in the world, and my daily expenses pretty much price me out of ninety percent of what I write about on this site. Which is why if I was being honest, I’d say that Club Monaco is realistically one of the brands that best suits me in my current standing.


What Aaron Levine and co. have done over at Club Monaco during the past few years is nothing short of remarkable, filling a dual role as interpreter and teacher. I look at Club like a shrewd older brother of sorts, guiding a younger set on what products are actually worth spending our hard earned shekels on, and what pieces are nothing short of passing fads. And the best part of this is that there is no litmus test to shopping at Club – you don’t need to be some twenty-something menswear nerd with enough free hours in the day to scour the internet to find a belted cardigan, all you need to do is pay a visit to your local mall.

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On January 20, 1961, John F. Kennedy stepped up to the mic to deliver his inaugural address and created the great menswear myth.  As the story goes, JFK’s decision to address the crowd without a hat on his head delivered a fatal blow to the hat industry as American men followed his lead and shed the once obligatory hat.  Is the story romantic? Sure.  Is it true?  Well, probably not.  But, there’s no denying that an inauguration is a time for the president to make a statement.  As a President that often remarks how he doesn’t even know what jacket he’s wearing, Obama has never been a paragon of style, but as he ushers in a new term, it provides him with the rare chance to prove just what clothes can mean.  A return to American innovation and production would do this country some good, and what better way to show support for this country’s up-and-coming and established designers than to wear them proudly to start off four more years.

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