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I like to think of shopping on as the retail equivalent of an embarrassment of riches with more options and products than any sane person can ever sift through.  And so this past month after receiving a gift card to the site, I found myself faced with such a limitless amount of choices that I was momentarily stricken with shopper’s paralysis.  The only way out of this was to fall back on my old e-commerce standby: books I would never buy otherwise because they’re too big to carry home from the store.

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Graydon Carter13

Over the past year or so there’s been a lot of chatter within the ever-introspective menswear community as to whether or not tumblr has made blogging or worse, and while I for one adhere to the principle that some people on tumblr do it right, and most people do it horribly wrong, there is one man who does it unbelievably well.  While we’ve all been busy debating the merits of the microblogging platform, Milstil a self described “Dutch, classic menswear dilettante” has created a full-blown empire of single-source menswear tumblrs that could make any diehard wordpress fan (myself included) blush.

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Massimo Piombo Robert Rabensteiner

While he was noticeably absent from his usual spot at the top of the street style roundups out of Pitti Uomo this year, the clear winner of the past week in my eyes was L’Uomo Vogue’s Fashion Editor Robert Rabensteiner.  Rabensteiner’s reign over the week began immediately after day one of Pitti Uomo when it became clear that just about every major “trend” coming out of the trade show this year was something that Rabensteiner was already wearing three years ago.  While I’ll hold my personal judgement on wether or not floppy hats and shawls have any real place in menswear right now, I do have to hand it to Rabensteiner for basically proving once again that he operates on an entirely different wavelength from everyone else.

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