I like to think of shopping on as the retail equivalent of an embarrassment of riches with more options and products than any sane person can ever sift through.  And so this past month after receiving a gift card to the site, I found myself faced with such a limitless amount of choices that I was momentarily stricken with shopper’s paralysis.  The only way out of this was to fall back on my old e-commerce standby: books I would never buy otherwise because they’re too big to carry home from the store.

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Esquire Magazine published their legendary first issue in October 1933 featuring the likes of Ernest Hemingway, John Dos Passos, Ring Lardner Jr., Joseph Auslander and Douglas Fairbanks Jr.  Despite it’s lofty list of famous contributors, Esquire’s introductory edition was still quite lacking in comparison to it’s subsequent issues, because it was missing one crucial component: Esky.  You could say that it wasn’t until Esquire’s second publication in January of 1934 that they found their spirit, or at least their spirit animal for that matter.  Right there on the second cover, was Esky, a bug eyed figure, with an up-turned mustache, and slicked back hair, climbing into a martini glass wearing a full tux and tails.  From that issue onward, Esky was embodiment of the Esquire attitude, he was well-dressed, jocular, and just sophisticated enough to forgive his indiscretions.

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