Jerry Myers


A couple days before Thanksgiving I found myself standing in front of a plywood wardrobe in the attic of my childhood house in Maryland as my Dad handed over a fistful of knit ties.  As I received the stack of ties, I couldn’t help but think that I’d seen this day coming.  The day when my parents would begin the great purge that all empty-nesters inevitably embark on once their children wander off.  I graduated high school three years ago now, my brother’s was two years before that, so I was far from surprised when I came home to find my parents knee deep in a house-wide cleanse.  Along the way they’d discarded all of our undersized furniture and (pre)teen books, which admittedly is of no great loss to me, especially considering that in their place my Dad was now passing down a pile of long-lost gems from his closet.

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