Norman Rockwell

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I’ve always considered Jack Spade to be like some sort of Norman Rockwell with a pulp colored¬†palette. Rockwell’s canvases immortalized this idyllic, ever-presently nostalgic sense of America, that I think is shared by Jack Spade and their line of candy striped shirts, and combed out sweaters. And yet, as I entered the Jack Spade showroom on Monday afternoon, what I saw in front of me wasn’t so much Rockwell as it was Ray and Charles Eames. With the brand now well into their second decade, I suppose it only makes sense that Jack Spade would draw inspiration from the design world’s first power couple. After all it was the clean lines and primary colors of the Eames’ work that helped usher this country from our quaint Rockwellian days into the brave new world.

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A couple years ago, while I was down in the D.C. area on a break from school, I stopped into the Smithsonian to check out a Norman Rockwell exhibit that was put together using pieces donated by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, both of whom are avid collectors of Rockwell’s work. ¬†The concept behind the exhibit itself was fascinating, as two modern American cinematic storytellers humbly paid homage to a painter who’s artistic style had greatly impacted their own creative endeavors.

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