Pocket Squares


In the twenty-five years since Massimo Piombo started his career as a designer, the state of Italian menswear in America has evolved from culty to commonplace. Although, as terms such as spalla camicia, and gorge height have become so standard that we toss them around without a second thought, I often feel like the actual craft behind these jackets and suits goes unappreciated. I’ll admit that, even as I wrote my initial article on MP di Massimo Piombo a couple months back, I didn’t really think twice about the fact that MP jacket’s featured hand-sewn buttonholes, or were entirely made by hand in Kiton’s factories, or that Piombo had sourced products from across the world for these jackets. Which is why, I was more than appreciative this past week, when the good people at Mr Porter offered a chance for me to check out their stock of MP di Massimo Piombo first hand.

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Drakes I looked at You

There’s certain holidays that just seem to necessitate an excess of articles on how they relate to men’s style –¬†Independence Day, Christmas,¬†Inauguration¬†Day, Veteran’s Day, Winter Solstice, the list goes on and on. And then there’s Valentine’s Day. Sure, I could sit here and give you all my incredibly last minute gift guide on what you can can buy your girlfriend from the bodega around the corner, or I could opine on my current “love affair” with Prince of Wales check suits, but when it comes to February 14th, the only fair reference I can make is to one little pocket square.

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