Royal Family

In the wake of a triumphant (or tragic, depending on your level of sanity) presidential election, I realize it’s a bit odd to come back with a piece about a figure(head) from across the pond, but the more I look at photos of our president and politicians that flank him, the more I think about how as the years go on the group of “well-dressed” leaders gets smaller and smaller. And then there’s Prince Charles. While each new crop of politicians from across the globe seem to be worse dressed than the last, Prince Charles endures as the best dressed politician in the world (despite the fact that the Royal family doesn’t exercise any power anymore, but that’s beside the point.) Much like his great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfathered in title, Charles was born into the dominant British style that stretches from the bespoke suits of Savile Row to the tweeds and barn jackets of the countryside. During his younger years Charles’ style was more reserved, mainly leaning toward three button jackets in subtle patterns such as grey nailheads. Yet it was during his late twenties and thirties that Charles began wearing double breasted jackets almost exclusively, a testament to the more prominent tailoring style of Savile Row.

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