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This past week was Indian Market in Santa Fe and as much as I’d like to say this post is a first hand recap of the festivities, I personally haven’t made the exodus to the New Mexico in quite some time (far too long in fact) so I was left following along from the sidelines, scouring Santa Fe based Instagrams (and some that weren’t) for a glimpse of the Southwest. For a few weeks now I’ve been meaning to do a recap of some of favorite Instagram accounts and so I figured why not bring the two ideas together.

Shiprock Santa Fe - Shiprock is my favorite shop in Santa Fe, and probably one of my favorite shops in the world. Owned by Jed Foutz, a fifth generation trader on a Navajo Reservation, Shiprock carries a mix of Native American art, vintage jewelry, mid-century modern furniture, folk art, as well as a smattering of other odds and ends. On top of all that Shiprock recently became one of the few stores in the states to carry Visvim, with one of the biggest selections of any store I’ve ever seen.

Jonny Ribeiro - I’ve never met Jonny, who goes by choloclown on the ‘gram, but he acts as Creative Director for Santa Fe Vintage, a shop which I’ve been meaning to get to for quite some time. While I’ll have to wait for my next trip to actually stop by SFV, Jonny’s Instagram is a great way to live vicariously through his daily duties buying for the shop. Covering everything from hundred year plus old photographs of Apache chiefs, to Mali cloths, to serapes from the 1880’s, Jonny’s account is a much needed break from the standard food photos and city shots that litter my feed.

SaraBirdieBrown - Sara is one half of Identical Eye, which will forever have a spot on my blog reader, and I believe she works for Ralph (although I could be totally off on this) so I admittedly wasn’t going to include her account because she’s New York based, but her shots can quite literally can span across the country in a matter of days. And of course there’s the above photo of Doug Bihlmaier, which is good enough for a post all its own.


And now after Wednesday’s dose of reality, it’s back to my regularly scheduled program as I give you RRL’s $850 Roper Boot. Now to be fair, $850 is an entirely reasonable price for a suede roper, especially when you consider what it actually takes to create such a boot. These stompers come straight from the heartland, as they’re produced in a Nebraska factory that’s been churning out hand-made boots for over one hundred fifty years. That legacy of craftsmanship can be seen in each detail, from the fully lined uppers to the rubber coated goodyear sole, to the steel shank, right down to the leather stacked heel.


Of course, most of RRL’s customers won’t really be wearing these to rope cattle, so the boot’s aesthetic features likely outweigh all of its guts in the end. Built upon vintage lasts from the 1940’s, it’s about as classic a boot as you can get, devoid of any superfluous ornamentation or stitching, this roper could probably sneak by without being called a cowboy boot at all. Maybe it’s because I’m having my typical mid-summer southwest dreams, but come Fall I could see myself wearing these with a pair of 501’s (never boot tucked of course) and a navy blazer. I’d dub it “the confused East Coaster in Santa Fe.”



This Saturday, during the back half of a four day hiatus from the working grind, I decided to travel not to the beach, nor to the mountains, nor to another state even, but over the East River to my new favorite little shop in the whole city. On a particularly sweltering afternoon, I wandered up Greenpoint’s “main drag” Franklin Street, to Bklyn Curated, a storefront that’s a hodgepodge of southwestern jewelry, mid-century modern tsotchkes, sun-faded outdoor gear, and everything in between. I suppose Bklyn Curated, which is owned and operated by Kevin Jacob (who I believe to be the ex-creative director of RRL), is most easily summed up as an antique shop, but I would say that hardly does it justice – taking that first step into Bklyn Curated was like leaping across those 1,968 miles between Greenpoint and Santa Fe in a split second.



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