Tab Collar

Anthony Perkins

Anthony Perkins

A couple weeks back I tossed my ever so brief review of Hollywood and the Ivy Look into this post as an afterthought, but after thumbing through that book countless times since I wrote that piece, I’ve decided that a one sentence blurb hardly does it any justice. The book’s glossy images of icons from the fifties and sixties, some of which have never been published before, are reason enough to pick it up alone, but to me, the book’s real value lies in it’s numerous examples of the well-executed tab collar shirt. Nowadays though, the tab collar has become a nonentity in the arsenal of men’s style.  Yet I’ll admit, in keeping with the natural order of supply and demand, that scarcity has only increased my intrigue, so over the past few months I’ve gone in search of my great white whale – a slim fitting, tab collar oxford. And every time I come up empty handed. Brooks Brothers offers four models but never in the right configuration of fit and fabric, Ralph Lauren only makes one paltry pink version, and with Rugby now falling by the wayside there isn’t one company that seems to excel in the tab collar department.

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