I’m currently down at my parents’ house in Maryland for the holiday, not so patiently awaiting the arrival of the rest of my family and tomorrow’s epic meal.  So, to whet my appetite, as well as yours, for my favorite meal of the year, here’s five Thanksgiving inspired kits.  Have a good holiday everyone, eat, drink, take a nap, and rest easy.  Now, go get off the internet and enjoy yourselves.

Epaulet Daltrey Shetland Tweed Sportcoat – Howlin’ by Morrison Neish Sweater – Aspesi Button Down Fine Corduroy Shirt – Gant Rugger Cords – Alden Sand Suede Chukka Boot – Paul Stuart Oriental Tiger Scarf – Dents Peccary Gloves

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A couple years ago, while I was down in the D.C. area on a break from school, I stopped into the Smithsonian to check out a Norman Rockwell exhibit that was put together using pieces donated by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, both of whom are avid collectors of Rockwell’s work.  The concept behind the exhibit itself was fascinating, as two modern American cinematic storytellers humbly paid homage to a painter who’s artistic style had greatly impacted their own creative endeavors.

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Thanksgiving is first and foremost a time for stuffing your face, but as you indulge in your first home cooked meal in 8 months, you should look good and feel comfortable, too.
Start with a strong a strong top layer, such as this Gant by Michael Bastian Cardinal Sweater, a bold statement at the dining room table. You’ll look confident, and at the very least it will be a handy conversation starter between you and awkward Uncle Joe. Pair the sweater with a basic oxford button down to keep your upper half nice and tidy. When it comes to pants opt for a pair of khakis in a slim cut, they’ll give you a clean line and will be forgiving of that third helping of stuffing.

In selecting shoes, comfort is key, as you’ll certainly want a pair that you can easily kick off after dinner. Tan loafers are a great option – comfortable and casual without appearing too informal.  Finally, accessories. Socks can be an over looked item, but since you’ll probably be spending a good portion of your day with your shoes off, take care in choosing a pair with a great pattern or color like the fair isle option above- they’re both seasonal and bold.  Don’t forget a watch, it’ll show thoughtfulness, maturity and help you determine when it’s an appropriate time to slip into a blissful food coma.


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