If you’ve been following menswear for the past decade or so then you’ve surely heard of Eunice Lee and her renowned trousers (among other designs, particularly her now legendary varsity jackets.) The Unis story had always intrigued me, but at first I thought the brand was simply not for me. A year or so ago I went into their Elizabeth Street store and tried on a pair of Gios (their most popular pant), and I knew right away that they weren’t for me. The Gio was just too slim, too constricting for me, and so for a while I just didn’t consider Unis as an option.


A couple months back I started searching for an affordable pair of well-fitting everyday single pleat pants, which I soon realized was no small order. After searching for a few weeks, I found that all roads lead to Unis and their Davis pant, a high rise all cotton pleated chino.

The fit is slim through the leg with a slight taper, and the fabric actually feels substantial unlike so many comparably priced pants on the market, but what’s most important is that upper block. Prior to putting on the Davis, when I thought about how a pant fit, I was primarily concerned with how the legs fit, not how they looked through the rise.¬†After trying out the Davis though, I realized that most pants are just far too tight across the front for my build, and thanks to those single pleats the Davis actually looked (and felt) like it fit properly. Now every morning I’ve been reaching for those olive green Davis’ and if I have any regrets, it’s that I’ve wasted far too much money on ill-fitting pants when I should’ve gone to Unis from the start.


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