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B.J.T. Bosanquet

In the wake of Fashion Week, these past few days have been marked by a significant amount of chatter across the internet on the state of the feeding frenzy that is street style, including two somewhat opposing yet equally as convincing pieces from Suzy Menkes and Leandra Medine. While the debate rages on as to whether or not we’re heading towards a full blown, three ring circus of bloggers perpetually out doing each other in gratis garb for the sake of a supposedly organic image, I thought it necessary to shed some light on a man who embraced the absurdism of literal style on the streets over a century ago – Leslie Ward, better known as “Spy.”

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Graydon Carter13

Over the past year or so there’s been a lot of chatter within the ever-introspective menswear community as to whether or not tumblr has made blogging or worse, and while I for one adhere to the principle that some people on tumblr do it right, and most people do it horribly wrong, there is one man who does it unbelievably well.  While we’ve all been busy debating the merits of the microblogging platform, Milstil a self described “Dutch, classic menswear dilettante” has created a full-blown empire of single-source menswear tumblrs that could make any diehard wordpress fan (myself included) blush.

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